Request for taking a carpets from address

Fill in the boxes on the right and make your request for taking carpets for cleaning from address.

  • In the box „Date & Time„, type comfortable for you date and time, in which will be at home so that our team can get the carpets.
  • For an hour, save a 2-3-hour interval for more secure.
  • Requests accepted until 12:00 a.m., will be fulfilled on the same day. Requests accepted after 12:00 a.m. will be fulfilled the next day. Orders are not fulfill on Sundays!
  • Pickup and delivery of carpets is done at the entrance of building.
    The service „upload to the front door“ charges 1 leva per item!
  • The price for cleaning and drying is 2 leva per kilogram, due to the fact that items are washed in a machine rather than by hand.
  • Upon request, you can check the status and amount of your order HERE.