They are suitable for all types of premises – offices, hotels, banks, shops, service centers, swimming pools, sports halls, fitness halls, massage and cosmetic studios, sport changing rooms and dressing rooms in fashion shops, cabinets, hospitals, laboratories, Administrative buildings, kindergartens, schools, children’s center, halls for various organized courses and delays, casinos, gas stations, restaurants and cafes, special events and homes.

3M Nomad Aqua Plus Entrance MattingSTANDARD

Areas of application:

Suitable for all premises in administrative, industrial and commercial buildings. Specially designed for removing water from the soles, for placing in front of machines and appliances that can leak water, in the kitchens in front of the sinks, at the entrance of the toilets in the pubs and large commercial areas and other premises with external outlet where dirt is applied, Slush and water. These mats are special and the absorption of water and mud is about 80% higher than those sold in carpet shops, making them suitable for industrial use – that is, a larger human flow for passing and parallel, the need for higher absorption.

It is very important for the client to know that the larger the mat is (i.e. wider or longer), the more steps it will take over the client and from there, the cleaner it will be inside the room, after the dirt has absorbed into the mat.

  • Colors of the mat – available in 3 standard colors.
  • Material – 100% made of polyamide fibers, well-knit, non-developed smell when or used in warm rooms.
  • Mat base – 100% nitrile rubber, adherent to the floor, non-slip mat
  • Fiber weight – 700 g / m²
  • Fiber height – approximately 10 mm.
  • Height of the mat – approximately 1.5 mm.
  • Overall height of the mat – approximately 11 mm.
  • Borders – reinforced, width of the rubber edge approx. 20 mm. Included in the total size of the carpet
  • Angles – sloping, reduce the risk of stumbling in use
  • Absorption of water, moisture, dust, slush – take up to 4 kg. per square meter of dust and moisture, which is retained between the fibers from the bottom up.


Depends on your desire. Depending on the price, our consultant can offer you the exact size and frequency of replacing the mats with clean one. The optimal replacement for most of our Customers is once a week on a scheduled day, but changing with a clear mat can be up to 3 times a week, even every day at will and when needed. Opportunities for changing mats are replacement for 2 weeks at once or replacement for 4 weeks at once, again on schedule, depending on the area where your place is located. A more frequent changing of the mat ensures a higher degree of cleanliness in the room, with less frequent change being seasonal in nature (for example in the summer of 2 weeks or once in four)

The standard sizes we can offer are:

  • 75×85 cm.
  • 85×115 cm.
  • 85×300 cm.
  • 115×180 cm.
  • 115×200 cm.
  • 150/200 cm.

The standard colors we rent are: gray, brown and black

You can choose other colors of mats: red, green, blue, granite and more. Customized delivery times up to 45 days.