The choice of clothes, the attention to wearing and the professional cleaning is essential for their long-term storage.

In this regard, we offer some useful tips:

  • Check if dry cleaning is acceptable for your garment – this is usually indicated in its label. If you have any doubts about the manufacturer’s correctness and the authenticity of the laundry and cleaning labels, in our dry cleaning atelier will advise you how to handle the specific garment.
  • Before you bring garment to the dry cleaning, remove the buttons, appliqués and other accessories that are glued or soluble in perchlorethylene.
  • If there are any stains on your clothes, do not try to remove them yourself, because many of them, when treated with water, are fixed and then cannot be cleaned. Therefore, they must first be chemically treated.
  • Do not try to wash your jackets, coats, etc., as they may be shrinking or deformed. In general, if you suspect that you can damage your laundry (tablecloths, covers, bedclothes) – use dry cleaning.
  • Be especially careful about suede clothes. Water stains cannot be removed.
  • Carefully check that your garment is not torn. Additional damage may occur during processing.
  • Clean up your winter clothes before storing them for the summer months. This will make it easier to remove the dirt on them than if you do this in the autumn when you use them again. Chemical treatment also guarantees you moth preservation.

Какво означават символитеWhat means the clothes care symbols?

The clothes care symbols provide useful information that can save you time and money. Cleaner and fresher clothes will be worn longer. If clothes are resistant to bleaching, they are easier to keep clean.

Some clothes may not have clothes labels, so follow the instructions on bleaching products to test the fabrics for color fastness.