BELINA ECO specializes in offering a full range of services to support your hotel, restaurant and spa inventory. Specifically, our services are as follows:

  • Washing, Softening and packaging of linens
  • Dyeing of linens and towels – we can make your hotel inventory in a completely different color – yellow, blue, red, green or orange and many other colors. Dyeing is reactive at 40 to 60 degrees, so there is no risk of shrinking, smudging or coloring one article to another.
  • Waterproofing of restaurant inventory – treatment with chemical hydroform of restaurant items so that the carousel or tablecover can not absorb spillagefluid. In this way stains are removed almost 100% in washing because they are not absorbed in the fabric and are on the surface of the fabric.
  • Starching of bed linen and tablecloths – it is mostly used for hangings and flatware, especially if they are made of flax and cotton, making them hard and shiny and comfortable to make any shapes.
  • Marking hotel and restaurant inventory with customer’s logo – we offer design of several types of logos:
    – by machine embroidery /we are owner of 2 double headed embroidery machine/
    – by thermo label /again with the hotel logo/ – – we have thermal printing machines, the value of the label is from 4 to 10 cents.
    – by tampon stamping
    by screen printing
    – by sewing a label of each item /here, besides the name of the hotel, you can describe the year of putting the underwear into use, etc.
  • Softening and enzyme wash – made according to the client’s technological card according to the needs of the specified batch.
  • Bleaching of linens – optical and chemical bleaching, possibly achieving 2-3 tons of sparkling white from the current condition of the linen
  • Stain removes by dry cleaning – we have the technology to manually remove a large part of the known stains on the articles. We successfully handle stains of mold, rust, oils, hair dyes and spa oils, mostly tattoo stains or color transplants.
  • Large volume of production – our production capacities are up to 45 tons of washed and ironed linen per day. This makes the service extremely fast within 2-3 hours of taking the underwear from the vehicle.
  • Excellent transport and logisticswe have a built-in system for transporting of clean and dirty linen with trolleys. In this way, each customer saves the time for taking and transferring linen to a minimum, with no more than one person in each process.
  • Providing of turnover linens – we provide so-called rental linens for all types of hotel and restaurant equipment. When making a contract, the hotel can order linens by type and size that it wishes to use, being given a new one for the duration of the contract. In this way, the hotel saves funds for the purchase of inventory and pays it over time.
  • Providing of rental entrance mats – They can be made in sizes and with the logo of the hotel or the restaurant we serve, the customer choosing the term of use, replacement rate and washing /can be every day, weekly, 2 times in a months etc./. We have over 15 types of color and sizes according to the customer’s needs.
  • Implemented quality standard ISO 9001-2008.
  • Sewing service and the use of old linens – of the worn hotel inventory can fix some items, remodel and envelopes, pillowcases or tablecloths to make carriages and changers, as part of the old hotel towels can be repaired and used for beach and so on. We have a team of specialists and a workshop where you can make any changes to existing bed linens and restaurant equipment to save time.
  • Import and sale of high quality fabrics, linen sets and towels – As we purchase between 12,000 and 16,000 sets of turnover bed linen annually, we have long-term contracts for the import of bed linen and towels from Asia and Turkish factories. We work with direct manufacturers and make specific requests for cotton items, mixed yarns, different types of stitches, satin, percale, etc. The import is done only because we want to buy a quality product with a term of use of at least 4-5 years.
  • Dressing and removing of unpleasant odors from textile – by dressing, we make the garment seem more alive, restore the texture and softness of the fabric, and the colors are refreshed – they look more alive. The smell of mold, fire, animal, work with chemical and nutrients is extremely unpleasant, but it is possible to remove it very easily using our technology.

Support of work clothes, washing and ironing – You can use our service for the maintenance of work clothes, uniforms, etc.